Dr. Kenneth Anthony Fleming graduated from Glasgow University in 1968, received his DPhil from Oxford University in 1980 and his Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists in 1988.

His main research and clinical interest has been in liver disease and he has over 150 publications in this area and on molecular pathology. He has had several major leadership positions in academic medicine, including being the inaugural Head of the Medical Sciences Division (Dean of Medicine) at the University of Oxford from 2000 till 2008.

Since 2008, he has been increasingly involved in addressing the problems of Pathology in LMICs. In 2011, he led the creation of a MMed in Pathology at the University of Zambia – he continues as the UK lead. He was the first Director for International Activities of the Royal College of Pathologists from 2011-2014 and since November 2014 he has been the senior Adviser for Pathology for the Centre for Global Health at the NCI in Washington.