Andy Leather is the Director of the King’s Centre for Global Health, at King’s College London and King’s Health Partners and is a Senior Lecturer in Global Health and Surgery at King’s College London. He was appointed to the post of Consultant Surgeon (Colorectal and General Surgery) at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in 1996. He has held the position of Clinical Director for Surgery at KCH.

In 2013, he was appointed as a co-chair of the Lancet Commission in Global Surgery. The Commission will report in April 2015 with a set of key messages relating to surgery and anaesthesia care across all low and middle income countries; a set of recommendations for all surgical stakeholders; metrics which will be used to track surgical system development over the next 1-2 decades; and a template for a national plan. The commission has engaged with commissioners, researchers, modelers and collaborators from 110 countries.