Current Position
Professor of Surgical Oncology ,Cairo University.
Chairman of the High Promotion Committee for Professors and Assistant Professors of Surgery, the Supreme Council of Universities.
Member of the Medical Sector of the Supreme Council of Universities.
Member of the Academy of Scientific Research (Health and Nutrition Research Council).
Member of the National Committee for the Fight Against Cancer at the Ministry of Health.
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fakous Cancer Center (nongovernmental org.).
Chairman and Founder of the eEgyptian Foundation for Cancer Research.
Chairman of the African Society for Breast Cancer Control.
Chairman of the Egyptian Chapter of the American College of Surgeons.
Important Past and Present Position
Dean of the National Cancer Institute, Cairo University (1999-2001).
Member of the Egyptian Parliament(1990-2000) and (2005-2010).
Chairman of the Committee for Education and Scientific Research, the Egyptian Parliament.
Chairman of the Committee for Health, Environment and Population, the Egyptian Parliament.
Member of the WHO Advisory Panel for Smoking and Health (1979-2000).
Member of the Board of Directors, the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) (2002-2006) .
Secretary General of the Arab Medical Association for Cancer Control (2000-2006).
Secretary General and Founder of the Egyptian Cancer Society (1990-2001).
Supervision of Scientific Thesis and published Research
33 MD Thesis.
13 Msc Thesis.
54 published research internationally.
35 published research locally.
Research Projects (Principal Investigator)

Research Projects in breast cancer, gastrointestinal tumours, hepatitis C and its relation to liver cancer, and pediatric cancer.

Research Projects in smoking prevalence and its health impacts including the economic loss due to smoking (WHO projects).

A Research Project on Cancer Prevention in Rural Areas, in cooperation with the WHO, UICC, NCI/USA and the EU.
Awards and Decorations
The Science and Arts Decoration, First Degree, from the President of
Egypt, 2014.
Ordre de Merite National (Chevalier), from the President of France, 2010.

The Science and Arts Decoration, First Degree, from the President of Egypt, 1980.

The Golden Medal of the WHO, 1988.

First Award for the best project on (Breast Cancer Control in the village of Fakous Locality” in the Cancer Conference ,Chicago,USA,2010
Honorary Member of the British Medical Association, 1986.